Xbox Silicone Protective Case

Color: Matte Black

Get controller support and protection!

If you're looking to protect your Xbox controller while getting the most out of your gameplay, then the Xbox Silicone Protective Case is right up your alley.

Made of comfort-enhancing silicone, this case does everything you need it to do and more: improve grip, protect your controller from dirt and damage, and keep hand fatigue at bay. It’s sure to leave you wondering why you didn’t get one ages ago.

Start personalizing your controller experience and upgrading your gameplay now!

2020 New Silicone Protective Case Anti slip Handle Cover Shell Controller  Skin For Xbox Series X S Game Accessories|Cases| - AliExpress

Key Features

  • Quality Material: The Xbox Silicone Protective Case is made of top-grade silicone that supports your fingers and increases comfort to reduce fatigue after hours of continuous playtime.
  • Full Coverage: It’s made to protect your controller against anything- stains, scratches, sweat, and even minor falls on the ground.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience: Designed with every gaming scenario in mind, it offers a non-slip, grip-enhancing surface that’s sure to earn you more wins.
  • Multitude of Colors: They come in an assortment of colors- a bright red, a classic blue, a clean white, and a matte black- so you can keep your gaming experience customized to you!