PS5 Replacement Faceplate - Matte Black


Give your PS5 a personalized touch!

If the PS5’s white exterior doesn’t match your interiors or isn’t to your taste, then the most requested Matte Black plate replacement might just be what you need.

With this high quality Matte Black, the PS5 Plate Replacement is the swappable customization anyone aiming to alter the appearance of their console is looking for.

All you have to do is remove the PS5’s existing white plates and install the replacement covers!  Make your consoles stand out and customize them just the way you want it.


Key Features

  • Top-Quality Material: Constructed with only the highest industry standards, our plates have a hard shell, ABS Plastic exterior that is not only durable but scratchproof and heat-resistant as well.
  • The Perfect Fit: You don’t have to worry about them falling off in the middle of a game. They’re made to fit your console perfectly and stay that way.
  • Easy to Install: To install, simply pop off the PS5’s existing white plates and pop on the replacement plates.

Mycustomconsole - Matte Black PS5 With light on