PS5 All-in-One Charging Dock


The all-in-one charging port you never knew you needed!

What’s better than a dock that can charge two controllers at the same time? One that cools your console and stores your games as well!

The PS5 All-in-One Charging Dock features a dual charging station, a 14-slot game holder, and a stand to keep your console upright. It keeps everything in one perfectly organized set-up and even contains two high-powered fans to prevent overheating.

Keep your controllers charged, games stored, and PS5 cooled at the same time!

FASTSNAIL Vertical Stand for PS5 with Cooling Fan, Controller Charging Dock  for PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Charger Stand Docking Station with  Indicator, PS 5 Cooler with Disc Bracket – Fastsnail

Key Features

  • Efficient Cooling System: Our dock contains two, built-in, high-speed fans that prevent your PS5 from overheating. It utilizes high energy efficiency and operates silently to keep your PS5 cool even after hours of playing.
  • Dual Charging Capacity: The PS5 All-in-One Charging Dock lets you charge both your controllers simultaneously, saving you time, energy, and space.
  • Space-Saving: It features a game holder with 14 slots and a vertical stand for your console so you can keep your games organized and everything you need within arms reach!
  • Smart Technology: It contains an LED indicator to inform you when your battery needs to recharge or is all set and ready to go.

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